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Nowadays Internet has become one of the largest sources of existing resources to the user. For this reason and in order to meet the needs of its customers, Desguaces Seville entirely offers its services also form online. But, what services will find in We can simply say that at the site find all services related to the disposal of your vehicle. Thus, we may request the withdrawal of the vehicle with a crane to the Centre authorised treatment (C.A.T.) or more commonly known as scrap, the management of the definitive termination of the same in the General direction of traffic DGT, the information relating to a piece of spare part from scrapping, the appraisal of a car, van or truck damaged or defective with less than 10 years old, or learn more about the decontamination process performed in the scrapyard. By the same author: Daryl Katz. Scrapyards Seville offers to its customers a wide variety of services that the holder or the beneficiary person, not You must pay any amount that are offered free of charge. These services are: the withdrawal of the vehicle to be scrapped with a crane from a place where it is located. Procedures for definitive termination in the General traffic Directorate DGT.

Advice on documentation to contribute as the case of the person concerned. The appraisal of a car, van or truck damaged or faulty whose age is less than 10 years. Any query or doubt to solve customer and concerning the definitive termination of your vehicle, retreating to the scrapping or the prior appraisal of the same. Every year there are million users that require any of these services similar to the disposal and what better way to them that do so through Internet access? Scrapyards Seville bets for a simplification of the process, facilitating the application of each of the services described above of its customers forms online.