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EPD Standards

The arrow that indicates the path and the path leading to the Summit is called action companies at present should be fully identified and apply international standards of quality. Wikipedia gives us, that we consider that standards is a family important which must not be neglected. For companies; the adoption of international standards helps providers base their product development in the contrast of extensive market data of their sectors, thus enabling industrialists to compete ever more freely and effectively in many more markets around the world. For Governments; International standards provide the technological and scientific bases underpinning health, safety and environmental quality legislation. For developing countries; International standards constitute an important source of technological know-how, by defining the characteristics expected of products and services to be placed in the export markets, international standards give thus a basis to these countries to make correct decisions to wisely invest their scarce resources and avoid waste. For consumers; the conformity of products and services to international standards provides assurance of their quality, safety and reliability. For each; International standards can contribute to improving the quality of life in general ensuring that transportation, machinery and instruments we use are safe and healthy. For the planet we inhabit; because there are international standards on air, water and soil quality, as well as on gas emissions and radiation, we can contribute to the effort to preserve the environment.

In this letter, we will enter ourselves with regard to the series of ISO 14000 standards for environmental management that includes the following standards: environmental management (EMS): specifications and guidelines for its use. ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use. ISO 14004: 2004 environmental management systems. General guidelines on principles, systems and techniques of support. ISO 14011: 2002: Guide to audits of quality management systems or environmental. ISO 14020 labelling and EPD general principles ISO 14021 labelling and environmental self-declarations ISO 14024 labelling declarations and EPD ISO/TR 14025 labelling and ISO 14031: 1999 environmental management environmental declarations.