Third Impact

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The 4th generation of iPhones, which can now in Germany via the mobile operator T-Mobile iPhone 4 pre-order. The Apple fans have waited long generation of iPhones on the 4. Many rumors about the integrated features made the rounds in advance. The challenge for the new iPhone was user-friendly, powerful and redesigned to create the device. Apple always works with high pressure to dominate the cell phone market with the iPhone, and setting new benchmarks in mind. The created result of iPhone 4, is an incomparable product for the consumer, which not so quickly with other models of mobile phone manufacturers can be measured. Immediately, the unique design of the iPhone 4 in the eye stands out.

Twenty-five percent is slim compared to its predecessor. With 137 grams and only 9.3 millimeters, it is currently the thinnest Smartphone on the market. An elegant stainless steel frame is decorated with iPhone 4, surrounded by the front and back Aluminosilcate-glass. This protects the device against scratches and is thanks to the chemical amplification crashworthy. Another highlight is the 3.5-inch retina display with a much improved resolution of 960 x 640.

Texts and graphics are presented in clear and razor sharp on the lively and high resolution display. Users of previous models of the low-battery level, complained so to adjust is also here on improvements. The neueiPhone 4 offers a good processor and graphics performance with the designed A4 processor in a simultaneously long battery life. This technology enables the device thus also a multitasking function. Over 100 more functions are touted by Apple in comparison to previous models. The iPhone 4 is also equipped with two cameras. Credit: Jon Vander Ark-2011. The camera in the front area is for video conferences and their own portraits. A second microphone filters background noise, so that the dream of video calling with the iPhone 4 reality. The second camera view of five Megapixels and the built-in LED Flash allows for HD video recording. The device is a 16 and 32 GB storage capacity in the colors black and white. In Germany, it marketed mobile service provider T-Mobile to iPhone 4 binding orders issued from June 15, so do not hesitate and that iPhone 4 pre-order. This includes not yet announced the price or the contract terms by T-Mobile.