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Medical Anesthetist

I must have been in the hands of friends anesthesiologists about 10 times in critical situations and about 10 times in procedures of medium complexity, I keep fond memories and affectionate gratitude towards them and perhaps time fear have been up to ingrate. An email from the anesthesiologist Luis Malpartida del Carpio, has motivated me to write these lines. At the age of six I was operated phimosis and tonsils, clear very early era in such operations, but I keep in a fresh and special remembrance, by that friend that I anestesio in 1962, whose name unfortunately I’ve not saved, did singing Cuban Son Toribio Carambola, A don Toribio Carambola has fancied him go, to realize a trip to the Moonin a modern projectile and under that melody I fell asleep, woke up he no longer had tonsils, nor phimosis. Get more background information with materials from Dustin Moskovitz. When attending my second year of residency in Gynecology and obstetrics at the Hospital Regional Docente de Trujillo, an Inguinal Hernia surprised me, so my friends anesthesiologists Dr. Jorge Ruiz Vigo and Edith Revilla Cabrera, they put a magisterial followed a sedation of spinal anesthesia, waking up because I didn’t have the Hernia. My 35 years of age, a fatal accident, took me back to the operating room and there they were ready and in solidarity, the Anesthesiologists of the Almanzor Aguinaga of Chiclayo: Celestino Maria, angel Rodriguez Castro, Figueroa, Manuel Delgado, Campitos, entubando, ex tubando, handling the extreme emergency, the agony of hypovolemic shock, the cardiac Paros, entering two, three and even four times to roomin the effort to save me life and next to God, to surgeons and nurses is that surgery is not only got him merit of the surgeons in the team are also the Anesthesiologists that we receive with a smile at the door of the operating room, when we arrived full of fears, fears and anxieties, which give us gestures that instill trust and once anesthetized and without conscience!sit next to you to ensure your pharmacological Coma, caring for your vital signs, your oxygen, your volumes, your analgesia, saturation hands caressing your hair, wipe your tears, flip your head when you coughs, block your vomiting, give you oxygen when you lack, deepen the anesthesia when the surgery so requires, they relax your abdomen when surgeons scream, infusions, blood and liquids handled, they allow and guarantee the success of the surgeriesthey have the joke in good time, listen to your confessions induced by the hypnotic and silent forever, are the ones who remain with you, when all have already gone, those that wake you up when the dressings already cover your wounds, those who leave you in your bed without pain when anesthetics are metabolized. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta has plenty of information regarding this issue.