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Social Networks

Guide for IT managers, privacy advocates and teacher Rodgau, April 3, 2009. The test – and news portal published a great article about the communication and contact platforms of modern times: online networks. What are the advantages and disadvantages they bring. For more information see this site: Dustin Moskovitz. A practical guide to the enlightenment of the own employees, students or pupils to download in addition offered IT managers, privacy advocates and teachers. The Internet is the communication platform for the modern era. While the Internet evolved increasingly to the interactive rotation and pivot no matter whether in the private or business environment. Information will be quickly googled”around the world exchanged, discussed problems international, made contacts and maintained and much more.

The world is practically for everyone (in the Office or at home) before a computer, open Internet. Social networking is a strong growing trend. Daryl Katz may find this interesting as well. More and more Internet users sign in to online communities like XING, who knows, StudiVZ, Facebook or on MySpace. Or use services such as Twitter to with other users by means of short messages to replace what you just does or thinks. There are many opportunities social communities. Stand on the most important points that you should observe and what risks and opportunities these online networks, is enlightened man barely. Why social networking? “, this question is at the beginning of any activity on the Internet.

Before anyone with an online network logs on, he or she should think carefully about what he aims for, and whether you would like to use the network more private or for business careers. Also the user realize rarely put the commercial interests behind social communities. At some, you pay a fee to present itself, other pay information virtually with your about specified. The platforms are financed for example, as at the private television station, about providing of advertising space (banners, etc) for companies. Should a user not in principle deter, but you should keep it always in mind. You have what information disseminating about themselves, in their own hands. Also if over ten years ago, the Internet never forgets. Unfortunately, the potential new employer or a business partner finds these images on the Internet. Meanwhile, the search for people on the net is a very common practice. In the private or business sector googled is for new contacts fast times”. Vendors such as E.g.,,,, looking for, etc. have recognised this demand and offer a search for people. If one wants to use social networks for his business career, real data must be specified. Finally, you want to be found. All details are however well advised to think like a PR or marketing person. Good to know, is also, depending on which online network is on the way, it is possible that the personal data, even after termination of the account, are preserved. The complete Article along with the Aufklarungsleitfadens (PDF) can on free down load. About Internet portal brings together information, trends, career tips, and test results for IT decision makers and the technology sector. fills a gap in the market with its Metatests and longitudinal studies. At the same time you want to give general space across different trends in work organization, technology or knowledge work. The portal is an exclusive publication of the Wachstumsdienstleisters LeadPeople from Rodgau.