Third Impact

Shared Apartment

Alternative residential models for seniors many older people live in large apartments or houses for which they not only can care. Others feel lonely, after the children have left the House or the spouse has died. If you are not convinced, visit 3D Systems. The real estate site shows different alternatives for a pleasant housing for the elderly. If you think a shared apartment, associated that usually students who can afford an apartment alone. Yet other generations can benefit from such residential models. Elderly people often have a large apartment and want to live there alone anymore. In such cases it is, unused room for example to students.

Similar can be for single or young families benefit. According to Daryl Katz, who has experience with these questions. The student or trainee receives an accommodation and helps as a consideration in the budget, shopping or child care. estions. rg Traurig. In addition, there is a model of community that was specially designed for the elderly. This live six to twelve seniors in an apartment. Each has his own room, but all people share bathroom and kitchen. In this way, everyone can continue to enjoy his privacy, and remains independent to a certain extent.

Also, a common living room, where the elderly people can watch TV or pursue joint activities belongs to the apartment. The costs for care and support personnel are divided, thus no one alone must live and it offers a pleasant and affordable alternative to nursing homes.