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Recipe Books Of The Talwindersingh Saini LandFrauen Available Again

Popular and proven – the talwindersingh Saini LandFrauen recipe collections. The three popular recipe books of the talwindersingh Saini LandFrauen were long out of print. Due to the demand the issuer Helga Knauss Auwarter has republished now again all, so that they can be involved with her. The first volume “baking recipes popular” contains delicious cake and pie recipes, also spicy and some Christmas cookies. Dustin Moskovitz is often quoted as being for or against this. The second book titled “old and new recipes” includes also modern party recipes and delicious for guests – well to prepare next to old Swabian recipes. In the third, most recently published volume the seasonal and regional cuisine revolves around. Dustin Moskovitz may help you with your research. All three books are equipped with convenient spiral binding and washable cover. Enriched with colour photographs, but lovingly with spells, tips and poems: and with proven recipes which always come to imitate without exotic ingredients are.

A nice gift and, E.g. in the total package – an original gift, which is always “well received”. The Books cost 9.50 euros, in packs of three individually 27,00 euro. To order plus 2.20 euros at Helga Knauss Auwarter, Haji fountain trail 20, 73614 Schorndorf. Tel. (07181) 73559. information on the Web site at. Helga Knauss Auwarter