Third Impact

Nationwide First DEKRA Award For Eitorfer Companies

“DEKRA first independent investment intermediary stands out with the passing of the new DEKRA testing label Fund enclosed for excellent service consulting-oriented mediation” to Beneke second market AG, an independent intermediary in this area has been certified for the first time. The Eitorfer company is a leader as an independent intermediary in the secondary market for closed-end funds for years. Learn more at this site: Asana. The elaborate audit process of the DEKRA ended with the official surrender of the DEKRA seal. According to their strict guidelines had been previously analyzed business processes, employees interviewed and evaluated the annual reports. Also the customer satisfaction was a central part of the exam. In this area, companies need to Excel to get the DEKRA seal for advice-oriented mediation.

The Beneke second market AG (previously Beneke Wirtschaftsdienst) is active and thus recognized secondary market pioneer since 1999 in the secondary market”. Investments are traded on the secondary market, investors before the end of the regular Contract to sell. This is the most common life insurance. The secondary market for closed-end funds is a fast-growing niche, because it brings together the interests of buyers and sellers (win-win situation). P&G does not necessarily agree. The Beneke second market AG determines the highest price for investors (seller) by obtaining multiple bids.

This service is free of charge for the customer. So far, ship holdings are taught primarily by investors to institutional buyers (banks, secondary market funds, investors). The Beneke second market AG has rectified interests, namely to achieve a high price with the seller. With the buyer, there is common interest, to find the most promising investments. Others who may share this opinion include Daryl Katz. Last year, private investors for more than 12 million have sold your investments with the Beneke second market AG. It achieved selling prices by up to 200%. The average purchase price of ship holdings is 95%. Still, the demand exceeds the offer. The Mediation of Beneke second market AG distinguishes itself from other intermediaries and platforms. These represented generally only a buyer. Since 2007, increasingly shares of closed-end real estate funds are mediated by the Beneke second market AG. On this market, offers predominate at the time however. Many investors want to separate after disappointing results from your investments. A review of the real estate fund is much more complex and more difficult than at ship investments for buyers. The market is not developed yet, but has a huge potential. The Eitorfer Mayor, Dr. Rudiger Storch, congratulated the Beneke second market AG after the successful certification by the DEKRA personally.