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Microsoft Visual Studio

SOS software service and Intel software and services group host first German webcast series SOS software service and Intel software and services group host first German webcast series Augsburg/Munich, 29 – SOS software service, Intel software and services group and Microsoft offer exclusive four specialized programming seminars as live on Webcast for Windows environments to multi-core computing environments. These webcasts will be held for the first time in the German language and are free of charge for the participants. The individual webcasts can be attended individually or as a series. The dates for this are: 02.10., 16.10, 30.10 and 06.11.2008, each 4 to 5 pm. Online registration is carried out intel. Here you will find detailed information about the individual webcasts. The computer architecture of the future is undoubtedly based on multi-core processors, simple notebook or desktop PCs as well as for large enterprise servers. The potential of today’s dual – and quad-core processors exploit, to the software parallel-working Generates code in the form of threads.

Parallel processing software distributed the work steps of the application on multiple execution units, allowing high performance improvements are achieved with the help of the operating system. On the other hand, inappropriate parallel processing can degrade the performance. Therefore, the choice of correct parallelization methods and tools is crucial for success. The question is not whether ‘ the parallelization of applications is necessary, but that, as ‘. Software companies worldwide invest in parallelization: CIOs, CTOs, software architect, product manager, parallelization in their software roadmap record; Training courses for developers today are a priority and universities offer courses to accelerate mastery of parallelized development.