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Reliable, energy-saving solution for smaller and medium-sized companies that work with transaction-driven or data-intensive applications Nexsan with the SASBeast a new energy-saving storage solution for enterprise-class introducing, which is characterised by a high level of reliability. The system is suitable for companies that use transaction-driven or memory-hungry applications. With the introduction of the SASBeast the manufacturer of reliable, green storage products meets the increasing demand for space-saving complete solutions that offer both high performance and high capacity. The SASBeast overview at the new SASBeast is a low-cost, energy-efficient and versatile storage system. Up to 42 SAS or SATA hard drives can be accommodated in four rack units and depending on the configuration address a SAS capacity of maximum 18.9 TB. Fibre-channel – include the facilities of the fully betriebssystemunab pending working solution (FC) and iSCSI connections, so that the solution simply engage in a wide range of environment. In addition, the SASBeast provides high IOPS performance, the available capacity can scale to hundreds of terabytes per rack.

Thus, the system is ideal for companies that need to and this in combination with file -, Web – and print servers operate large transaction-driven applications, databases on Microsoft Exchange or SQL-based or cope with a high volume of content. The horizontal midplane design is new the SASBeast. Daryl Katz, Canada takes a slightly different approach. This is designed so that the system more efficient aeration can be in operation less overheated and the cooling demand this fall. As a result, energy consumption goes back, while increasing the resiliency. \”In terms of green\” technologies at the SASBeast uses, such as for its entire product range on the self-developed AutoMAID technology, which continues the idea of the MAID and is by default integrated. Company, the AutoMAID use, can at up to 60 percent reduce energy costs of data storage, without that this affects application performance. The most important performance characteristics in bullet points 42 disks in a rack with four rack units up to 18.9 TB SAS capacity anti-vibration design increases the reliability of hard disks 4 GB cache and RAID four engines per dual controller system fibre channel and iSCSI connectivity or combination of both WEB GUI management when using the original management software NexScan full redundancy and replacement of components during operation (hot-swap online) background information with the introduction of the SASBeast sets design the expansion of its product range, included in the last months of Assureon\”, the DATABeast and the edge\” quickly away and shapes to continue the market innovatively designed, reliable and energy-saving storage products.