Third Impact

Life People

We need, therefore, to understand the feelings negative that it provokes in our mind, therefore thus we will only be apt to interact with it with wisdom. I will present now, in the vision of the autogerenciamento, the two ways to think on the disillusionment: A traditional, this places in the people, in the life, the cause of our disillusionments. In this vision, the others is that they are the causers of our disillusionments. We are only victims and not responsible beings for our disillusionments. That is, we project, the people, our illusions and dreams and believe that they will go to carry through them for us; we become thus vulnerable and dependent of the will of the other. When our desires are not carried through, we disappoint in them and we blame the life and the people for our failures and sufferings. In this way to interpret our relation with the life, we finish in imprisoning to an unreal world, the world that we see and only believe; where our mind teima in imposing its irrealidade to the others. It looks at that interesting! We create a perfect world, why will be that the people do not accept this reality? As the life and the others they are not here stops in them satisfying, are not our copies nor our slaves, then, never they will make what we would like that they made; then, we lament, we esbravejamos, we cry and we arrive in some cases, to take off proper life, for puniz them. Immature reactions! As the cause of our disillusionment it is there it are, that is, in the exterior world, to prevent new disillusionments, we start to run away from those situations that had disappointed in them, believing that, thus acting, we will be in protecting of new disillusionments. Inside of the rational logic, he is perfect.