Third Impact

LEDs Desk

The idea of performance computer desk, as a style attribute or as part of the interior is not new. Take for example the table of mini car, as described in our catalog of articles earlier. Daryl Katz, Canada takes a slightly different approach. Computer desk in the form of Darth Vader's spaceship is not only a convenient working surface, a symbol of the saga of the eternal struggle between good (the order of furniture). Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta can aid you in your search for knowledge. Sides table made of black chipboard okrmkovanoy gray ribbon in the form of the octahedron. System unit intergrirovan in the table, food let down the back of the 'cabin'. Table top is made of transparent plastic that allows further tuning of system unit LEDs. Spacer spaceship is also the rigidity of the table, made of plastic pipe. As you can see, individual dataprojektor table, it is not only a standard table, adapted to your workplace with the additional convenience in the form of shelves and extension. (Custom furniture) This table explanation of the series of Lucas 'Star Wars' – it is a kind work of art stolostroeniya! The original idea of a table, a remarkable performance, as well as full integration into the world of the saga – it all makes this a unique computer desk unique (custom furniture)..