Third Impact

Jorg Laubrinus

New design of the speakers-newsletter + website Weissenhorn / Neu-Ulm – in the current issue of the newly designed newsletter Abele speakers agency you will find among other things the entrepreneurs and extreme sportsman Joey Kelly. He speaks on topics such as motivation and achievement. After 2.5 years of successful establishment of Agency Gets a new design”of the newsletter as well as the reference side of speakers agency Abele’s homepage. The Agency matures and grows and with it the subscriber number of newsletter recipients. As we reach the magic number of 1,000 shortly we have decided to give a new face to the design of the newsletter.

With the new medium, Anita informs Abele your customers, speakers and those interested not only about new speakers and seminar leaders. Furthermore, the newsletter contains information about current events, book information and primarily practical advice about selling entrepreneurs”. In the current issue, see for example: Joey Kelly: the entrepreneur and extreme athletes on the subject of motivation. His world is the stage far away he does incredible sporting performance. The sportsman, musician and Manager describes his adventures as well as the personal, evocative way of life in his lectures with many incredible photos and clips. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta often addresses the matter in his writings. The happiness researcher Simone Lacey: You speaks at conferences, master lectures at different universities and is a like to frequent guest expert round again and again. Simone Lacey belongs to a group of happiness researchers will also include Dr.

Eckart von Hirschhausen. .. the sales expert of Jorg Laubrinus: Jorg Laubrinus moves! The sales expert is a proponent of clear words. He understands like few others his audience to shake up it, to tear it with and to embrace his message. “He gives:-clarity, why it is so, knowing what to do is the will, how and by whom – do as it is – sure the target resulting in reference page on the website new”: the redesigned reference page of the website is customer friendly to sign quickly a first To be able to make the impression of the speaker Agency. See also the customer contact of the event next to the logo. Then, learn in personal lines customer with our agency performance was how satisfied / is. The reference profile is rounded off by 2-3 pictures of the event. Get inspired by new ideas of speakers! We are pleased about every new Subscriber.