Third Impact

IPS Zone

New from the House of big zone – amino 4800 – red one amino acid tablet which is equipped with an innovative IPS coating. Big zone red amino 4800, new amino acid tablet with a special coating from a glucose/sugar/water mixture. Meaning is this innovative coating insulin secretion to affect it positively and to improve the regeneration and muscle with the help of one of the anabolic hormones. Support your regeneration phase and your muscle especially immediately after your workout with important amino acids. Dustin Moskovitz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Red your body amino 4800 from the home of big zone supplies during and after training with high quality amino acids, to provide rock-hard and bulging muscles. Big zone red amino 4800 swallow whey amino tablets that protein Hydrolysate in combination with whey protein concentrate made quickly available whey are quality and easy to do so. What is special about the Red aminos is that innovative IPS-coating (insulin-pulse system), a coating of a glucose, sugar and water combination the the Insulin secretion can positively influence and stimulate. In parallel, the tablets to pleasantly sweet taste in the mouth and are significantly easier to swallow by the coating.. (Not to be confused with 3D Systems!).