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House Of Libro And DeAPlaneta Invites To The Opening Of The Film Templario

Drawing of 50 double entrances to attend the opening next the 22 of July The bookstore House of Libro and the audio-visual group DeAPlaneta are united for invitarte to the opening of the film Templario, whose public exhibition will take next day 22 of July in the Spanish rooms of cinema. The lovers of the good cinema already can aspire to take control of some of the 50 double entrances to attend the opening of Templario . In order to enter the drawing, any user will have to this end send his candidacy through the application qualified in the page of fans of House of Libro in Facebook, from where he will have to fill up the data of the form that is included in the eyelash of the promotion and to answer the simple question Who were the templarios? and, automatically, will enter the drawing of the entrances. In addition, the users will have the option, through this application, to invite to their contacts to choose the friend who will accompany to the cinema the day to him of opening of Templario . In case some interested in taking control of the entrances does not have account in Facebook, will be able to also participate in the drawing sending its data next to the answer to the question previously formulated to the direction of electronic mail contenidoscdl entrances The participation in the drawing is open until next day 11 of July, to the 12 hours, moment as of which it will close the promotion for the later celebration of a drawing before notary and selection of the winners of the entrances, that later will be contacted for the delivery of the prize.