Third Impact

German Shoe Brand Kennel

but the right shoes to find yet the latest models, which again set a fashion trend is not easy – certainly not when one considers the wide range offer various portals. Specifically at women’s shoes there are extremely many brands and also no-name offerings, which are available in different quality and also look. Kennel and Schmenger although the range is anything other than “traditional”, is a German footwear manufacturer with over 90 years of tradition – but rather directly to the latest fashion trends and developments. Each season brought current models on the market that reflect the respective trend in footwear fashion. But there are created by extraordinary creations new shoe trends? For the winter season, kennel and Schmenger has set up various seasonal women’s shoe models: specifically enjoy the cold season especially popular boots and ankle boots.

But also year-round models, such as pumps of and peep-toes, are republished by kennel and Schmenger each season and also reinterpreted. Due to the statistics on the Internet to suspect that in the winter season 2012/2013 especially the models: kennel and Schmenger – boots “Nazan” kennel and Schmenger – worn boots “Kali”, as well as various ankle boots are as for example, kennel and Schmenger – ankle boot “Amina” kennel and Schmenger – lace up boot “Nazan” the offer is very wide and the models in the upper class – although the prices are relatively cheap. Kennel and Schmenger has specialized in lingerie and competes with other brands such as VIC Matie, Maripe, Peter Kasier or even Paul Green in this segment. The special feature of the shoes of the kennel and Schmenger is the exceptionally good fit and the aesthetic styles of the models. The range offers both more casual creations, such as the various ballerinas, as also noble models that combine very well with a suit or evening gown. Also color, there are a variety of different solutions: so are also yellow pumps or green peep-toes. Of course there is also the classic colors for kennel and Schmenger, like the elegant black boots or brown boots. The shoe designer from kennel of and Schmenger (factory) established in Pirmasens offer beautiful lingerie for every woman. Here a selection of the most beautiful models of kennel and Schmenger – is new each season: kennel and Schmenger shoes article by N.