Third Impact


Guide complete to organize a party of 15 – is approaching my 15 years! I already think about the details of the party! Starting with choosing the salon, which should be broad to allow movements, and close to where you live the quinceanera. Visit and find out prices between 6 – 8 months before, but not achieved. Observe the atmosphere, giving rise to several spaces to comfortably accommodate the elderly, youth, the track Ballroom, tables with the menu, cake table, place of entry of the honored, etc. Also find out if the same classroom is in charge of dressing and garnish, or that corresponds to you. There are many houses that are dedicated to rent linens, drapes, covers for chairs, bean bags, and other decorative elements such as water fountains, etc. Service of catering – generally put a menu for adults and one for youth; other times it is the buffet and guests are served. Investigate prices, try merchandise, and possible use a service of proven honesty.

Costumes for the quinceanera and her family-fashions change, but continues to use the long; If it were day, or in the field, mother and sisters could be short. In this case, capelines or chapeaux are a necessary complement. Cards – there is a tremendous competition in terms of originality; they are made of any material imaginable. Are paper, cardboard, stickers fabrics with transfers, recycled paper including petals, leaves, butterfly wings, the photo of the girl, etc. Music and screen – also have to move several months earlier. And teenagers know best what are fashionable.

In addition to the photos of his childhood, used filming the party and go projecting it, simultaneously. Arrays of table-here greatly influences the creativity and the financial outlay that parents can make. There are also places where rent, but the most creative may prefer to make them them, being more original. Everything is permitted: altos, basses, with candles, or candles, bowls, bowls with water and petals, Canas, rustic elements as stones, sand, shells, sea, etc. Entry of the pretty birthday girl-is that could descend a grand staircase, the guests, in the dark, holding a candle, and a great Spotlight illuminating her. Forward can go a little girl splashing its way with rose petals. The young can enter alone or accompanied, the first to receive it would be his parents and siblings. They have arrived in convertible, on horseback, helicopter or motorbike. Everything depends on the audacity of the girl. They have announced their arrival with bombs, Fireworks, or a release of white doves. But you always have to have a thematic unity, and seek originality to make it unforgettable: can be oriented to futurism, or annexed, on a track of skating, etc. They may have a slogan, eg. all of it in black and white (or vice versa), or with costumes, all with hats or all pirates, etc. Within three days, after the break, you can send a thank you card with a dvd with the recording of his party as a souvenir. I hope that you have been helpful.