Third Impact

Financial Fraud

Strictly speaking, you see someone and have time to save this 'warning' (although, in practice, our people for some reason, until recently, believed in a miracle). The following schemes are not new in the world of a hundred years old at lunch, and in Russia the first ten people to rejuvenate himself in them there, but nonetheless naive citizens remain very much. So: 1. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Raising finance for a business plan / conclusion of a certain consulting firm. Given: a) potential borrowers, who is either desperate to get funding from Russian banks, or heard of 'cheap' foreign money and wants to get a lot of money and cheap and b) a consultant who has' enormous bonds in foreign banks, and attracted hundreds of millions of dollars of funding in Russia.

" Just something and you need that order from the consultant to develop an investment memorandum, business plan, Ali still something very sonorous, and this will cost Document inexpensive. I always wondered why the borrowers are not worried by the fact that the consultant conducting the meeting or at some station cafe, or in a shabby office from one room with two chairs. Do not comes up with the idea that if the consultant has attracted funding for hundreds of millions of dollars, so at least one or two million were to settle in his pocket as a commission. Apparently, the Borrower magic acts Consultant phrase 'I have preliminary talks with superbanks, and he agrees to finance your project. " The result is usually the same: after the transfer of money for a memorandum talks with superbanks gradually nullified.