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Excellent Turkish Cuisine

An extensive recipe collection to delicious Oriental dishes Turkey lovers appreciate Bodrum excellent Oriental cuisine. The courts are varied, high quality and refined with delicious spices. Already, the sight and smell running water in your mouth together travellers and gourmets. Who looking Oriental recipes, to get a touch to bring South, home the on the culinary online portal find. In addition to a journey of discovery through the Oriental kitchen, the magazine holds namely over 50 recipes for sophisticated Turkish cuisine.

Eat in Turkey an integral part of the culture and is used to express the hospitality and generosity. Turkey holiday-makers know a song of them to sing, that the country is extremely hospitable and the local culinary pamper their guests. The various dishes are special flavour through the use of Oriental spices. With the help of culinary Online travel guide can get guests a touch holiday and Mediterranean feel bringing home at their dining table. The magazine holds an extensive recipe collection next to a restaurant guide and a glossary to the main ingredients of the Oriental cuisine. The over 50 dishes are easy to prepare and typical Turkish.

The spectrum ranges from soups and salads to fish and meat dishes and sweet treats. How about with anise caramel cookies with coffee? Or delicious Burek, stuffed with feta and spinach? Read through the other recipes – for example, Dattelcreme with coconut and almonds, Oriental vegetable lasagne, as well as ice chocolate cake with brandy – blows a sprinkling of holiday mood through the kitchen. The recipes are simple and clearly structured. For the Cook home cooks pick up fresh ingredients, preferably in a deli. Of course include some time, but it pays off. At the latest experience at dinner Turkey lovers not only a feast for the palate, but be put in holiday mood or wallow in memories of their vacation days on the Bodrum Peninsula. Contact: Markus Muller project manager of Parseval-str. 46 86159 Augsburg