Third Impact

Environmental Protection And Social Responsibility As Top Targets

comazo ‘comazo earth’ was the first manufacturer of linen sets with new laundry line on organic cotton and fair trade label, ecology and social responsibility go hand in hand. Comazo may as the first German underwear company that Fairtrade “certificate carry and sell clothes with the well-known quality seal for Fairtrade cotton. The result is the new line of laundry comazo earth.” The underwear from fine fair trade organic cotton is available from comazo immediately in 27 stores in Germany. Read more from Ping Fu to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Rio thongs, hot pants, shirts and trunks are main elements of each day and nightwear series for men and women. These are newly created every four months by the comazo earth designers. The children’s series follows in the next few months. “Each garment is a hang tag with so-called Fairtrade code” attached.

By entering the corresponding numbers on the website can track consumers throughout the course of the production and information so that the organic cotton used by comazo comes of the Mahima cotton co-operative in India. We receive the Fairtrade certificate as the first German manufacturer of laundry”, Managing Director Dr. Learn more about this with Daryl Katz, Canada. Christoph Maier says proudly. When it comes to fair trade, is one important aspect”of the controlled cultivation of organic cotton, he explained, but it is also about social responsibility. We want to help actively to improve the working and living conditions of for farmers and their families. The cotton for our comazo earth products is therefore planted specially selected companies. The people there proven to work under humane conditions, receive fair wages and are supported in their daily lives.” The market introduction of the new comazo earth products held numerous actions on the subject of fair trade in the comazo linen stores in June. In addition, 500 comazo earth slips will be raffled. Entry forms are in 27 comazo manufacturer sales available or send an email to.