Third Impact

Depot Hamburg

Changes in customer behavior with financing. Applications for financing when buying sofa go back since the financial crisis. This finding had to make the sofa Depot. Many customers consider the budget for a new upholstered furniture very well. Within this limited financial framework we also for a good offer sought exceeded he will but not. This seems to be a rather unusual development.

Although expressly to mention is that this is to be welcomed. To listen as well as from other companies is, remains the financing of a load-bearing support of the sale often. And when a short run time is selected, then interest rates are really low. But even with the 0% financing, with no additional interest or fees for the buyer incurred, is a skepticism. Often, Depot Hamburg in the sofa is asked whether it was possible to repay the rates even before expiry of the agreed time.

The customers seem no burden to have, despite the 0% financing. Sometimes you are Developments in the buying behavior to anticipate already very surprising, particularly because they happen in a such a short period of time and often no longer are. There are different financial framework for a new sofa purchase. So, it is observed that a target group between 450-600 euro for a sofa can spend and would like to. The next step is 800-1000 euro. Then there is still a step up to 1600 euro. The sofa Depot is optimally positioned in this price segment. Customers that closer the sofas in the sofa have dealt with Depot and compare with other competitors, again notice that the offered furniture are good quality. Also the advice and great service remain in memory. Because what company supplies also on Saturday or Sunday and adapts to the needs of the customers. Deliveries are always precisely coordinated. The uncomplicated manner is possible only in a family business. This is also a reason for the low price, because management or other unnecessary costs does not arise.