Third Impact

Cora Lee Live Concert

Cora Lee & CorleeMad in the Rockbar Pankow, Berlin artist info: on January 22, which recently is trading under the name of its eye-catching front woman, Cora Lee to the repeated the Berlin Band CorleeMad to guest band,. Here the audience expected rock snotty girl power based on musical energy and a strong voice, stocky by excellent songwriting and ballads with beautiful melodies; No cold sampler Gebabbel, but intense compositions and texts by Cora Lee. “Background: the Rockbar Pankow blossomed with musician regulars, rock new year’s Eve and merchandising shop to the living room of the Berlin rock music”. The concerts, to which the young boss Rockbar (crumb”) hand-picked bands on its small stage which are still the focus however. These include important Berlin musicians, but also rock bands from all over Germany and even international live guests.

The wingspan ranges from classic rock to punky by German rock notes; metal, the program is supplemented by selected cover bands. Friday, January 22nd, 2010 20: 00 Watch Rockbar Pankow mill St. 30 13187 Berlin rockbarpankow entrance 5 incl.