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CeBIT 2010: GeoContent Overlooks The World

Magdeburg aerial specialists point to the CeBIT 2010 new projects who viewed the world from the top, which opens up completely new perspectives. In this respect, GeoContent aerial experts set new standards. The company from Saxony-Anhalt it used to occupy other angles and it has developed successful business models. Dozens of hard drives can be found in the wardrobes of the offices in downtown Magdeburg GeoContent. That endless shots of cities or countryside – all from the air recorded, razor-sharp, digitally stored in two or three dimensions or edited. Germany has long been widely photographed off and also large parts of Europe and America at the investment company AeroGRID Ltd..

Thus, GeoContent is the leading provider of aerial data in this country. When the company was founded in 2001, this was one of the pronounced objectives. (As opposed to Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta). Meanwhile 20 employees and 5 apprentices work on the visualization of the world. Core product by GeoContent is the digital air map DLK, the all over Germany in high-definition quality maps and is constantly being updated. In addition the surveying professionals made meanwhile various specializations to their material: height and surface or 3D-Hausermodelle are also displayed as exact addresses of buildings.

In terms of the height and surface models, the Magdeburg company cooperates with an international partner based in Denver, U.S.A. Intermap Technologies. The ESI, an aerial photo mosaic with relief effect is created from this partnership in 2009. “Other products in this series are thermal recordings and solar potential analysis,” explains key account manager Steffen Brandt. While homeowners who want to install a solar or photovoltaic system, can learn, what they can expect to profit later. A design of floor space for the waste water fee splitting by means of aerial photographs is similarly innovative for municipalities. The sights, the Magdeburg also have the market for navigation systems, the also Include aerial photographs. “That is why the idea was obvious to cover also the rest of Europe via AeroGRID as well as all over Germany”, so Brandt. To make ongoing current pictures, the company has GeoContent an excellent contact network at Befliegungsfirmen.Speziell cooperates here with the Magdeburg aerial survey company GeoFly. “Thus we are totally self-sufficient and can set our priorities themselves,” Brandt explains. Is also not a coincidence that GeoContent has settled in Saxony-Anhalt,: major research institutions, such as universities, universities of applied sciences and the Fraunhofer Institute offered according to company a very good basis for cooperation, as well as in the search for qualified personnel. Google Earth, Microsoft, city map service or the yellow pages – the list of well-known customers is long. Who the world of top wants to look at, this may 2010 contact GeoContent GmbH Dipl.-ing thanks to GeoContent on the Internet or at the CeBIT. Steffen Brandt / key account manager Goethestrasse 49 D 39108 Magdeburg Tel: +49(0)391 400 02 0 fax: +49(0)391 400 02 199 E-Mail: