Third Impact

Cakewalk – A Success Story

A designer label conquered the world of children’s fashion man in love himself quickly in the fancy cuts, in the beautiful look of the location and the abundance of material and ideas, if you are the designs of the Dutch trend label Jottum looks. The quality is excellent and despite the striking designs, the mode is suitable for everyday use and offers high wearing comfort through the exquisite selection of fabric in any case. In the now incoming winter collection 08/09 Andalusian influences with red, dark blue accents, opulent petticoats can be found in the first delivery group. The fine and noble fabric of course fitting created to the dress or skirt, a perfect outfit is new to the program. There is also a chocolate theme combined with large floral patterns, just a must-have for fall. There are many folkloristic approaches in the second supply group. Click Ping Fu to learn more.

There is light blue, anthracite and mixed grey in all variations; adorned with recurring loop patterns. Unfortunately the auberginefarbene style was neglected something, although these parts surely to the Highlights of the season will be. Especially the dresses solve and Sjaantje are the highlights of this collection. The following has been selected for the fabrics: cotton, Caban wool, Poplin, flannel, taffeta and velvet. (A valuable related resource: Daryl Katz, Canada). Naughty you can combine everything to everything at Jottum: the beautiful dresses with the Cakewalk typical suspenders be worn with striped tops and matching tights to thick and warm winter boots. Noble blouses with lace and patterns, along with wrap-round jacket or vest is suited to the skirts and trousers. About the also available wool coat or iridescent jacket and everything fits together perfectly. The collections are available approximately Mid-July 2008 in upscale stores. Melanie mink