Third Impact

Before Goodbye

Your American fellow travelers, who return home and talk non-stop, flight attendants, who are all mandatory rules behavior on the plane to speak Russian and English languages, even if you did not know a single English word – here's the first lesson – once with the translation. At the airport, you, of course, will be met, perhaps with a sign which will your name and last name – is to make sure that you do not miss, because sometimes a photo and a real person – it's completely two different personalities. And from that moment you begin the most incredible and breathtaking brainstorming language practice. After all, the Americans, who you meet, at best, in Russian will know three words: 'zrastvuyute', 'spasybo' and 'dosfitaniya'. Do not despair, even if they told you at the meeting – 'Before Goodbye ', it's just a minor misunderstanding – people are worried, too. And then, what can compare with the fact that when you return home – you'll be perfectly fluent in English! So now you live in a country where everywhere sounds only the English language. You hear it on the radio and transmission of all TV channels, on the street, in shops, transport and most importantly a family in which you for some time now will live. The first days will be very difficult, Your conversations will be kept to a minimum – almost everything will communicate with you using gestures and pointing to objects and things. You for a while, too, will have to become skillful portrayer of pantomime and gestures, but by the end the first week of your stay in the circle of the family – you'll easily understand the practical – everything you say. Moreover, you may even already be able to voice their desires, though still quite extensively to name but a separate words and connecting them to the expression – but trust me – you also have to understand everything will be fine! What to say when you will live there for a month or more? Of course, this method is without doubt the most effective and easiest to people wishing to learn English.