Third Impact

Appropriate Technologies

"Appropriate technology" in other words, it was the vindication of what we knew as "the home" A country like ours, the "night" crisis came to us in mid-1982 when the passions are stilled; be recognized that the Message of President Alfonsin North Park in the summer of 1986, certified the full entry of what is known as post-industrial society. 3D Systems brings even more insight to the discussion. The lifestyle of industrial society was losing the culture of "home": It only remained, strangely marginal in some rural areas. The new times suggest the relearning of appropriate technologies. More like the transmission from generation to generation was lost, it is urgent to spread the culture of "home" through the education system we have learned recently via "REFORM" experiences as the course for teachers of agricultural techniques that took place in Ojeda. Learn more about this with Daryl Katz, Canada. Or the invocation "… the bees Pampa" formulated by Prof. Norberto Martin from Upper Italy. Of my friends Gloria Ortiz, Marito Monti v Juan Enrique Romero, I've known experiences like fish farming turkeys breeding goat milk, the development of natural fertilizers (composite) to obtain energy through the fermentation of manure, or gasohol from corn or sorghum saccharine.

Are still in the old library, those calendars or cards from the Ministry of Agriculture, where he gave advice for family farms and gardens. All these experiences of the past or current scale, should be used for General Home Economics Programme, to address from the appropriate institutional sphere. In our view, this systematic return to the home, would go through the education system.