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Fast Lane Workshop

Institutions present in Berlin their success with modern intranets work easier and improved information distribution: on September 12, the peak Association of statutory health insurance and other renowned institutions show how Governments and companies with modern employee portals significantly improve the efficiency of their processes. The free event will take place at the Berliner Verlag Der Tagesspiegel”instead. Freiburg, August 9, 2012. Show in the context of employee portals information event for institutions and companies’ the top Association of statutory health insurance, the Johann Heinrich von Thunen Institute (vTI) and the Potsdam Mittelmark district, as they with the help of modern communication solutions based on the intranet and portal software Intrexx have significantly improved their processes and considerably facilitates the daily work. The event is Wednesday, September 12, 2012, in the rooms of the Publisher of the daily mirror”in Berlin instead. Participants and others know how it across multiple locations provide important information employees, as they Island solutions bring together under a single interface and profitably connect with partners and citizens like you. The Intranetspezialist United planet also shows what process optimizing opportunities today’s intranets and employee portals for businesses and administrations and how to create such a solution within a very short time. Ping Fu might disagree with that approach.

During breaks and at the end of the event is the opportunity to deepen what is heard and to interact with colleagues. The event is aimed at Managing Director, head of offices and authorities as well as IT managers. The participation is free of charge. As places are limited, will be asked to register early. Agenda and registration see employee portals for institutions or by email at. About United planet, United planet has over 4,000 installations and more than 500,000 users of its portal software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of the medium-sized economy, public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals).

The company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf is run. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionalities much faster create than with comparable programs such as Microsoft SharePoint. Intrexx allows the integration of existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes etc, creating more productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers.

Financial Groups

Surely you know much about investment funds since lately people talk much about them and you can find information by all parties but, what are the financial groups? Here I bring you a little information to get you out of doubt. Basically the financial groups are responsible for operating your investments. Investment funds are the perfect tool to help grow your money but you could not do it alone. Financial groups are what they have the power to do that your money between the investment world, therefore function as an intermediary between your money and the Fund. Investment funds make your money grow since you invest in an asset, so the financial group WINS nothing whether you win or lose, what they earn is not what they charge you by offering you the service. For this they charge you interest.

There are different financial groups and all are responsible for doing the same, so they are competition between them. What do these groups is to achieve having more clients lower your cost of commissions and offer a better service. Many people do not know or know little about investment funds, so that these groups are happy to give you all the information you need when it comes to investing. If you are already deciding to enter the world of investments and return you a small investor comes with a financial group.

Attract Visitors

The beginning of activity at the new forum, in fact, hard work. I am also webmaster and I can understand how difficult it is to get new users to the new forum. But a well-designed forum with interesting topics can be very helpful. Here a few ways you can use to get users and activity on the new forum. Basically, people love to go to those forums that contain threads of interest to visitors. Some people the forums just for fun, although some ischyat information. Of course, we care about people in both categories. Dustin Moskovitz has firm opinions on the matter.

Useful to have a topic in which we can communicate freely. When people from the second category are beginning to ask questions, you should to react and respond to short and informative way. In addition, you must answer as quickly as possible. The faster you answer, the more likely that users will return. The best way to get the first activity on forum, is to start a conversation with himself. I tried this method many times and found it successful.

People in most unwilling to join such forums which have no or have very little activity. Thus, create a 5 to 10 sections (or even more) and start new threads with many posts. Another good way is to offer incentives to be proactive in your forum. Prompt users money Announcement is free advertising, links, templates for incentives. Let them show their website in forums, etc. Surprisingly, the tie as the quality and quantity of posts increases after even the slightest free incentive. Start Competitions each month for prizes or something else. It also gives a good effect activity. Advertise your forum in other forums and websites. Add your forum directory. Use your signature in the other forums to advertise your forum. Create meta tags for all the modules separately. These are the basic techniques that I've tried many of the new forums and got good results.

William Holmes

They came originating in North America, and probably part of Mexico. It is not something Slayer would like to discuss. Some of its partially completed his long pilgrimage Costarrica and in the northwest part of the Isthmus of Panama, where they settled, others sailed to the southeast and the Magdalena River to the interior of the New Kingdom of Granada. This is at least what seems more probable, and what is more in accord with the facts. If the Chibcha, the Talamanca, Chiriqui and Guaymies had the same origin, the first did not come to communicate with the three past, and art took a different path between these two great divisions of the family, in the long centuries have passed since their separation. The jewels and gold figures, pieces of pottery, grinding stones and stone carvings of Chiriqui are so similar to those of Talamanca in its form and its decorations, which seem to be made by the same people. It is different when comparing these objects with the works of art from the Chibcha, since the difference is very large in all directions.

To be persuaded it is sufficient to compare the figures in this book which brings the excellent paper written in English by William Holmes: Ancient Art of Chiriqui. The only similarity we have found is that Dorasques or Chiriqui put, as the Chibcha, spiral-shaped ears small figures of gold and copper emptied. In the way of doing funerals, as well as the ideas of immortality that the content of the buried treasures revealed, we find great similarity between them and other states and tribes.

Lake Naivasha

As you can imagine, Africa is a continent big enough with essential varieties of flora and fauna, but what will be the ideal place of the continent to visit? For these issues, there are travel agencies that are planning for you, the perfect trip according to your expectations. In particular, there is a company that offers you a perfect package, to discover the perfect balance between nature and fun that this wonderful continent has for you. The trip lasts 7 days, in which you will know Nairobi, Samburu, Aberdare mountains, Lake Nakuru or Lake Naivasha and Maasai Mara. The trip includes flights from Monterrey and transfers from airports both arrival and departure, as well as transfers within the same cities, accommodation and daily breakfast. Likewise, the package offers tickets to parks, driver, Spanish-speaking and Safari guides. If you have read about Kerry King already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The vacation package is priced lower than the $ 2,300 and lets you know the best of this continent in just a week. Let us have you and dare to live one of the more rewarding and fun of your life experiences. It separates your package as soon as you can and know the great wonders that the African continent has for you. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article

Contemporary Furniture

When searching for quality designs in modern, contemporary mid century furniture, search for the names of famous groundbreaking Designer. Whether you’re a fan, aficionado, or outright collector of great furniture, when searching for timeless, well-designed, ergonomically contoured modern, internationally, or mid-century modern furniture, play the name game. By this, we mean simply seek out furniture from the greatest designer of the genre and of the age. Some of these names, while not precisely household names, are still recognizable to even the budding furniture and home decor enthusiast. The most recognizable names associated with classic, mid century modern style are Isamu Noguchi, Charles Eames, Ray Eames, Le Corbusier, George Nelson, Eero Saarinen, Reinhard Dienes, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Hans j. Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Harry Bertoia, Knoll, Herman Miller, Verner Panton, and Marcel Breuer.

These are all safe bets whether you are searching for investment-grade vintage furniture, Danish style furniture, or simply something special to set a cool contemporary furniture tone in your home or office. Famous search pieces as the Barcelona series of chairs, chair the Wegner, the wishbone chair, the coconut chair, the DCM chair, the cyclone table, and the boomerang coffee table have set the standard for distinctive mid-century classic furniture designs. We know them and love them even if we don’t know them by name. We’ve Lakes them in countless places, from the silver screen to home design and decor magazines and websites. They are as much a part of our cultural heritage as the pop art designs of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

But while classic mid century furniture can give US the same visual pleasure as a fine painting we can so enjoy it on a physical level as well. Chairs, ottomans, loungers, side tables, sofas and dining tables provide physical comfort as well as visual comfort. Features such as sleigh – style legs, laminated tops, architectural – style legs, contoured seats, premium full-grain leather upholstery, molded fiberglass bodies, flowing lines, sawhorse frames, waterfall seat, and most importantly a crisp, clean, retro all add to their style appeal in our minds and in our homes. Re-issues and interpretations of classic designs from the great designers such as Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames, and their ilk, and can be found in places both expected and unexpected. A little diligence will pay great rewards when you at last find a Bauhaus or Danish classic to grace your home, office, or kitchen. Polished steel, chrome legs, sculpted contours and bold, unique, distinctive designs are the re-finished of modern decor of this classic era and elements that have made these revolutionary design of the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s unforgettable and highly desirable in the contemporary home and contemporary lifestyle. Bob Michael is author of nood Design.For more information about contemporary furniture, modern furniture visit


Every seller would like a supply monopoly in a homogeneous world demand market. The consumer is confronted in saturated markets with a variety of products. According to which criteria, he opts for the one or the other product (quality)? He responds to what marketing signals? What is the difference? And how can providers learn about the move causes of the customers? We ask consumers about their purchase reasons, we get often little meaningful and changing answers. Ping Fu does not necessarily agree. Especially since the customers mistakenly believe that they always rationally decide. Actually purchase decisions are made but emotionally after appeal-re-action pattern. For even more details, read what Ping Fu says on the issue. Rational follows only the grounds! See also my articles 24 and 95. Others who may share this opinion include Asana. Neural purchase tests, buyers are confronted with stimuli (such as colors, forms, smells, sounds, words, symbols, brands, images) and it is verified, how fast they respond to a stimulus (motor), approximately by pressing a button, as soon as can associate or identify (sensors).

Through such procedures to get including hidden associations or settings to a mark on the track, on which the subjects don’t have conscious access. Similar behaviour (re actions), tested people to consumer types can be categorized and cataloged. The approximately 1200 to 1500 grams heavy brain the size of a cauliflower is the most complex known object in the universe. It consists of 100 billion nerve cells. Each neuron is associated with up to 10,000 other nerve cells. They form a network of incredible complexity, which is responsible for our perceptions, emotions, thoughts, our intelligence, our behavior, and much more. The hope on the the transparent customer was due to the so-called imaging techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging”(fMRI) or the Positron Emission Tomography” (PET) stoked. Placed subjects in a scanner, and you can track which areas of the brain where Tackling a task are involved and which areas light up, if for example the favorite brand will be shown.

Heavenly Lantern

Remember how many of us, as a child, did not miss from the hands of a balloon. The bitterness of loss very quickly replaced by delight at the thought that some dizzying heights reached in a few minutes is a miracle – in the imagination was drawn out to the orbit, flying around the space station and, finally, open space, the stars – and on, on. A real chance again to let go of the hands to the stars, his dream, so that it can soar high in the sky, there are now any of us. One has only to release sky lanterns in flight – and your name, image, any desire to go to the stars. Flying sky lanterns of flying – a unique spectacle, which can leave no one indifferent. Seeing it once will want to pick up a very unusual this invention.

Sky lanterns – a three-dimensional construction paper of different shapes and sizes. Installed below the burner heats the air inside the torch, picks it up and effectively illuminates the inside, creating a magical aura. Within 20 minutes of flight flashlight rises to a height of 200 meters, and the sky above you splash a lot of luminous stars. The first were run in the sky is the miracle of the Chinese several hundred years ago. China VDrevnem sky lanterns were field signals during the war. Civilians have adapted them for entertainment. Contemplating rushing lights up, the person receives more faith in life. The Chinese believe that, fly to the sky lantern brings them to the wishes of the gods, but the Thais are convinced that together with paper lanterns are sent away all the hardships.

And the girls in India has more than three hundred centuries, the miracle of trust departing innermost desires. And today, sky lanterns are an integral part of many celebrations around the world. Well, we – the nearest neighbors, as usual, heard about it recently. Heavenly flashlight is appropriate at any time, any place and on any occasion: holiday, birthday, meeting, wedding, company anniversary, presentation, campaign, prom, children's party, picnic. On flashlight You can apply any individual inscription, the name of a child or loved one, the symbolism of the logo, it can be very different color and shape. Starting sky lanterns decorate any event, the best moments of which can be capture – is a delightful sight, charging positive emotions and remain in memory forever. It's like your star to light, let's dream to soar high in the sky above the earth's vanity, and feel the lightness of being its union with the universe. Celestial flying lanterns can perform the function of advertising, to become an unusual and effective way during the presentation or corporate event. Just imagine the scale and spectacle huge run, up to 6 meters Lantern logo or your logo! Sky lanterns on the method of making and actions resemble a balloon. The shell is usually made of heat-resistant rice paper into the ground – lightweight wooden rim, it secured the fuel cell. After igniting the fuel shell is filled with warm air – can make a wish and send the flashlight off. Height poletazavisit a number of conditions, from fuel and the size of a flashlight, and sometimes sky lanterns can rise above 1000 meters! Sky lanterns can be of different sizes, colors and shapes, which allows you to select the flashlight on the mood and theme of the event. Start a flashlight – and gray day blossom everyday bright colors!

Internet Business

A good example of how you should start in your business over the Internet and not let you carry to find too much information that begins to overwhelm you in this process, good start: say that you and I open separately our restaurants fast food or step. Then we bet who can sell more hamburgers. What advantages would you have that they help you win our bet? Do you want to grade A for Angus steaks (thin beef of Aberdeen-North of Scotland)? Rolls of sesame seeds? Delicious veggie burger for those who don’t eat meat? The most tasty and crunchy fries? Very good atmosphere, that people like to visit again? Do or maybe very comfortable armchairs so can eat and go fast? A salon of entertainment for children? The lowest prices possible?, do that also? On top of all this an excellent Cook, you sure? But anyway, given all this, you made! You made! You made! and you made! What? Do you think I’m hiding something?, Okay! An excellent location also? My God, are squeezing out me But well, you give everything you ask, the more the busiest intersection in the city. In fact, you give all what you ask, the advantages that you want, you have them. Satisfied? That’s good for you. As for me, I just want an advantage.

If you grant it me, time to sell hamburgers, you stay without pants. The only advantage that I want is having many people hungry. I definitely give the reason many of the Gurus on the Internet when they mention that most important is to know that what people search, which is what people want to buy now, but it is noteworthy is that we must begin to understand something basic; Put you in the position of Web surfers, that such if you start to look for something that you want today? Once you find the results which is what more it encourages you to obtain that product already? It generates you trust the website, blog, etc? analyze this and you’ll discover as is who think REAL IN INTERNET CONSUMERS. I remember when I started selling on eBay a suggestion from someone who I said that if I want to sell on eBay I aprenderprimero namely buying, to know the point of view of my future buyers and so as I started and then to Mercadolibre and could realize that this person I recommend.

Walk Star Casting

Also no secret that in our own Tula there are those who passionately wants to become a star. For them – and maybe not just for them – useful tips on how to become a star, how to get star casting and perform on stage. For the beginning part of the quote interview, which gave the newspaper Bilan 'antenna' (or 'Telesem' – a variety of sources – written in different ways). Let me remind you that Dima Bilan is a jury member of the project 'STS lights superstar'. Dima Bilan interview about the project 'STS lights Superstar '- Dima, you can easily say' no 'to the auditions? – It's hard. If you are not convinced, visit Dustin Moskovitz.

I always try to find some diplomatic form. For example, a girl must say that she had a beautiful dress, a young man – he has a rare timbre vote. – In your opinion, the jury is not too picky refers to external data contestants? – The aesthetic moment is very important. In Gnesinka taught us: even when you take the difficult high note, the person must stay a pleasant one. But sometimes and so: go pretty slender girl, and we say to each other: 'Here she also sang great! " – What mistakes are contenders? – Select the same song, trite. For example, a song by Tatiana Anciferova 'Always can not be near people. " – How do you feel about the fact that many perform your songs? – I want to advise the contestants: Do not performs songs by people who sit on the jury! Party thinks that sings well, but I think at this point, if he makes fun of me.