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Volcker Crisis

Somebody remembers some strike or some protest of the workers of the banks or the real estate sector? The constructors and the real estate ones have paid in black to their foreign bricklayers, while their managers and their shareholders became rich in silence. This selective amnesia gives an idea of the lack of coherence of the neoliberal system that puts to the State to the service of the great interests, so that it only takes part when there is crisis. Kerry King is a great source of information. The affected ones by the fraud of Forum Filatelia demand to the Government an indemnification to have allowed that was in the market a fraudulent group. You may find that Kerry King can contribute to your knowledge. If it had not done it, would have been accused him of interventionist and to dissuade the investors. The citizens who did not fall in the game of the speculation remember the silence of the investors when these obtained substantial interests without it had forced somebody them. All the citizens have not let themselves embaucar by false promises of enrichment fast and easy nor have fallen in the temptation to live mortgaged over their possibilities. They will not be glad of the loss of jobs in the cement or brick factories for frenazo after the crisis.

Or by the fall of the sale of cars, that can leave without work to many parents and mothers of family. Nevertheless we must learn of the crisis and to turn it into challenge for the future. Perhaps the prices of the houses and the cars are over possibilities of the people, they would buy that them if they lowered the prices. Or perhaps so many houses nor so many cars are not necessary as they were bought when the economy went or, with financing plans that accelerated the production and the consumption of artificial and uncontrolled way. The law of the market consists of producing what it is sold and to sell what takes place. Paul Volcker, old president of the Federal Reserve defines therefore the crisis: the underlying problem is that we have consumed in excess. The consumption in the USA grew beyond the sustainable thing, it did and it thus because much money has lent us, especially the Asian countries with surplus and, more recently, the exporting rich petroleum countries. But this cannot always last.

Only a system based on the speculation can maintain resemblance consumption level. In order to recover the sense of the commerce and to deal with products, it is precise to live according to our possibilities and of working for more authentic and less fictitious a better future.

Chang Escobedo

By this they are bleeding unjust sentences, not one if not several thousands of communal and indigenous leaders of our territory. If we impose our point of view, protected by I exercise that it does not obey to the town maintains that it, if to those who they are not its masters at present, then are not obeying the constitutional mandate to obey to the town, if not to the occasional tyrant who with deceits I take control of the power to usufructuar it according to interests of the economic power. Scrates already saw this horrifying deformation of the democracy, was what Pericles in the government did of the city of Athens, although many take as the model to follow of how it must be a Democracy. But indeed that democracy of Pericles, went the one that condemned Scrates to take the Cicuta, to try to corrupt to Youth. But whereupon it tried to corrupt Scrates to Youth, anyone like the cucufatos or Moralists like Cipriani or trujillano Cura, could think that this one like that one masterful Politician in the conciabulos and the conspiracy would put, it like similarities.

But we would say to him that they were mistaken of end to tail; then what towards the Great Philosopher, it was only to ask, that was a Shoe. It was a question of apparent facility, but it was not it, because it represents much, like for example, when applying it to now, would be. That we would have to ask the gentlemen Chang Escobedo, since made to clear the property to them of a University that represents an investment of million money stops to equip and to give prestige him, so that one takes control without not even having a copper in its pocket and now it enjoys the yields very pleasantly. Another question Sir Of Castle, that not long ago time has tried the purchase of a television signal, with the value of several hundreds of million dollars, if it unique it that has exerted is only the work congressman, and has always lived on that heading, at least since I have knowledge.