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Victoria Hotel Chelyabinsk

In Soviet times, Anna Veski was unique singer. In fact, the only one who represented the vast Union of Estonian stage. Her and now can not find a replacement. In Russia, Anna is still waiting for and loved. Upon learning that the singer sbiraetsya on tour in Bashkortostan, but stopped for the night in a hotel in Chelyabinsk Victoria, we agreed to meet. Walked ten o'clock in the evening. But after a long flight from Tallinn, a concert and a few hours drive from Uchaly to Chelyabinsk, Veski easily agreed to the interview.

We met up with Anne in the cozy lobby of Victoria. Here, no one and nothing prevents us to talk heart to heart. As well as on stage Anna looked fine. It seemed that no weariness: at least once to the scene. – I myself have just looked in the mirror: today I did! – Gaily laughs Anne. – Maybe it's because I'm just out of the house. – And why stop at Victoria? He has something you love? – Just arrived here our aircraft. In addition, the Victoria Hotel Chelyabinsk in conformity with international standards.

We like it here. After a sleepless night, we are very happy. – Anne, you spent hours on the road. All this time you can wipe out the life or can do in the way something useful? – Road – is part of our lives. Artist without a road can not get from point A to point B. I do not think: useful this time or not.